Our breadcrumbs

What started off as a delicious family meal has now been turned into a high quality household product with a variety of uses. Kookakrumb is preferred as it has body, natural consistent flavour and the crumb is fine so it always stays on, which can often be seen as an issue from other lower quality products.

The Kookakrumb range of seasoned breadcrumbs encompasses all tastes with 13 different flavours which include:

Herb & Garlic

Lemon Pepper

Cajun Spices



Salt & Pepper Squid

Fine White

Golden Fish Batter


Gluten Free Breadcrumb

Gluten Free Herb & Garlic

Gluten Free Lemon Pepper


These products are ideal for fish, chicken, meat and vegetables. They are a great time saver for those who already season their own crumbs and an easy way to enhance the flavour of an ordinary dish! The crumb is very fine so can be simply pressed directly onto the flesh or for a traditional coating you can dip into flour, then egg mixture and after into the flavoured crumb.